How to choose a type of yoga


Over the last 10 years, the popularity of yoga has increased in 4 times. The directions of the yoga have dozens of varieties from 'lazy' to 'tumbling'. Here are the most interesting types of yoga for beginners and for those who want to rise to the new sports and energy level.


According to a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, women who practice hatha yoga only 1-2 times a week, cope with stress faster than others.


Kind of yoga which is not for lazy people. The high degree of intensity with cardio, but strict sequence in performing asanas do not need to comply with. Moreover, each training may consist of different asanas.


Yoga, named by the relaxing start "Yin". Excellent relief for those who prefer to give all the best in the office. The majority of postures performed sitting ("butterfly") or lying ("saddle", "sphinx" posture "child") in a very slow pace.

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