Free teacher training information sessions are coming in January 2013.

Whether you are looking to change careers or simply deepen your wellness experience, the Teacher Training: Take It To The Next Level is for you! With 20 rotating workshops, one can pick and choose a pace suited to their current career and lifestyle. Workshop topics will include teaching basics and then focus in on teaching Pure’s 5 marquis classes: PureVinyasa, PureTone, PureCore, PureRestore, and PureFusion. Workshops will also cover extensive anatomy, hands-on assisting while teaching, best business practices including marketing & client relationships, and the ethics of wellness. Workshops will be 2 hours each and on one weeknight and Saturdays each week and will then switch at the end of each 4-month cycle of workshops and exams. Exams will be written, practical and involve teaching actual Pure clients! You can finish in 4-5 months or take your time and take up to 18 months. Payment plans available and include unlimited membership. Learn how to teach PureVinyasa, PureCore, PureTone, PureRestore, and PureFusion, and then learn the opportunities here for you at and our future vision.

Already a teacher? Want to just learn one kind of Pure, the anatomy workshops, the assisting workshops, etc…? Come create an “a la carte” plan for your vision with Christy and we will customize a price just for you.

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Join our 3rd run of this fantastic program in February 2013.

Employment Opportunities is always looking for great additions to our wellness team! Certified fitness/Yoga/Pilates mat instructors, life coaches, personal trainers, and other wellness professionals are always welcome to apply and present ideas to join our team. We are also currently looking to expand our substitute teacher roster. Motivated, responsible, customer-friendly and experienced teachers, please send your resume and a cover letter to