The Benefits of Yoga in Schools

In schools across the nation, yoga is being incorporated into physical education classes as well as before and after school programs. Recent research supports that yoga programming in schools inspires positive change in both students and staff. According to “Yoga in Schools,” a nonprofit organization that advocates for and funds yoga programming, yoga in schools yield the following results:

1. An increase in students’ physical strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation
2. Improved individual student capacities for focusing, concentration and retention of new information
3. Positive impact on students’ social and psychological development as expressed in higher self esteem (confidence, efficacy) and body awareness
4. Increased ease in classroom management for both students and teachers
5. Greater management of life stressors for both students and teachers

If your school would like to participate in before and/or after school yoga, contact today. We provide programming for both students and staff! Namaste!