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Note: If you are a new client, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to complete a waiver form. Classes start promptly at their published times; please give yourself plenty of time to arrive before class.

Mat rentals: We encourage you to bring your own mat to class; however, if you don’t have one, mat rentals are available for $1.

No-Show/Late Cancel Policy:  Cancellations received within two hours before the start of class will be charged against your package. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fitness Classes

PureAlignment: Look forward to specialized Pilates based instruction to build core strength, align one’s spine, and improve posture. Feel taller and stronger with this class, based around the Pilates Mat series.

PureCore: A 45-minute class based on Pilates mat exercises, yoga, and creative core work from dance or personal training exercises. Great for after an over-indulgent splurge, rev up your mid-section to get the tone and movement through your core. Excellent for those with back problems. All levels.

PureFusion: Class will include 15 minute samples of PureVinyasa, PureTone, PureCore, and PureRestore. Expect an energizing, well-rounded workout that is great for weekend warriors, people-on-the-go, and to beat the workout blues. Layered clothing recommended. Light hand weights may be used and great music will ALWAYS be used!

PureMethod: Like other method” studios, this class will follow a regime that offers no surprises: cardio/warm up, arms, thighs, seat work, core work, and stretching. Come for a 60 minute workout that is suitable for all levels and lends to learning the moves while still being challenging!

PureTabata: Tabata is a method of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that revolves on 1 exercise for 4 minutes at rounds of 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off. Come for a great workout that flies by! Water bottle recommended.

PureTone: A 60-minute class based on ballet barre work, yoga, Pilates mat, and personal training exercises. Expect the use of light hand weights and a cardio warm-up but do not expect this to be easy! Get the tone you want throughout your legs, bums, tums, and arms without the heavy lifting. All levels. It is recommended to bring a water bottle to this class.

Yoga Classes

PureVinyasa: A 60-75 minute class based on Vinyasa Flow yoga. Poses are woven together creatively and harmoniously to create a flowing yoga workout that will build strength, tone the body, and create flexibility. All levels.

PureRestore: A 60-minute class based on restorative/ Yin yoga and stretching. Perfect for the athlete who needs to stretch or the stressed-out worker who needs to chill, come breathe it out and feel your muscles lengthen and lean out. Great for cross-training and injury prevention. ***Socks and long-sleeved shirts recommended.*** All levels.

PureFridayNight: It’s Friday night. You want to be social but you had a long week. You want to work out but you also want a glass of wine. Let’s do both… come for a PureVinyasa class and have light refreshments afterwards. Meet your mat neighbor, get to know your teacher, and get the best of both worlds: a Friday night with a workout and a happy hour, all while in comfy yoga clothes.

PurePowerYoga: Come practice arm balances, core moves, and other powerful poses throughout a carefully woven Vinyasa sequence. Get the tone you want & the Zen you need at the same time. Water bottle recommended.

PureYogaSculpt:Combine the fitness of PureTone with the movement and postures of Vinyasa yoga. Use free weights to build strength while creating flexibility with yoga. Break a sweat and leave the class feeling energized.

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